5 Easy Ways to Meet Singles in Your Area for Free

#1. Go to the mall
Meeting singles at the mall might seem a bit creepy, but it’s entirely reasonable. Malls are natural watering holes for the human race, and no one enjoys retail therapy more that hot single girls and guys. If the mall is too crowded, it shouldn’t take you long to find someone casually shopping or perusing that is single. Work up the courage to say hello and strike up a conversion. If there seems to be chemistry, make sure that you grab their number and suggest to meet up later. Never let these interactions last too long, and you can easily keep it short by saying that you have to meet someone else in 5 minutes.

You can even go to the mall, and walk around different stores until you find someone working retail who you find attractive. From there, if they are not busy helping customers, strike up a casual conversion. Make sure you’re making good eye contact and maintaining open and positive body language.

Chances are if you can get them to laugh and feel at ease, it might make their job feel less like a job, and more like fun. What’s even better, they won’t even know that you’re trying to flirt with them. Keep the convo under 10 minutes, as if these sorts of things drags on, they will feel compelled to get back to work. Before you leave, make sure you pop that question and get their number. Say that you enjoyed chatting with them and that you should get together for coffee or a drink some other time (maybe even when he/she get’s off work).

#2. Go to a bar or club
Going to a nightclub or local bar is the standard way to meet singles near you. Most people go to bars or a party, but the odds are that almost everyone in the bar is single, or at least somewhat willing to mingle. Yes, there will be the random girl or guy in a serious relationship that's mercilessly dragged to the club by a group of friends or for the dreaded “birthday party.” Realistically, the majority of people in the club are single and know that everyone else is too.

Clubs are bars make it easy, because everyone already knows that people are there looking to have fun, hook up, and find someone they can take home. There is plenty of literature and videos dedicated to showing men how to be effective at picking up women in bars and night clubs. If you’re already a natural, hey, that’s great, and if you haven’t had the best success in bars, then you should know that it’s not because of your looks, finances, or style of clothing. Learning to meet and pick up women at bars effectively is a learned skill (and yes I know that might sound crazy to some people) but please keep in mind that it is possible to improve if you haven’t had much luck yet.

" Clubs are bars make it easy, because everyone already knows that people are there looking to have fun, hook up, and find someone they can take home. "

#3. Walk around in a crowded metropolitan area
Cities are a great place to meet new people. You might be surprising at how quick a fresh acquaintance can become a new fuckbuddy. Meeting people out in the street does require you to be outgoing and strike up a conversion with someone on the fly. Pick up artists refer to the activity of hitting people out and about in public “day game”, and just like riding a bike, sales, or having success in night clubs and bars, it is a skill, and yes you can get better at it. It takes a bit of nerve to walk up to a complete stranger and strike up a conversion, but you’ll find that the more you do it, the better you will become.

#4. Create an awesome online dating profile
If striking up conversions with randoms in public or at night clubs isn’t your thing, the next best (and easy) way to meet singles near you, is to sign up for an online dating site and make a quality profile. Don’t just go through the motions and expect your inbox flooded with hook up requests. Instead of signing up for every new dating site (seem’s like there’s a new one every day), actually pick one, put some effort into your profile, and stick with it. Over time you’ll see other local singles looking at your profile, and that’s when you can swoop in and drop a line. It’s an incredibly easy way to meet singles from the comfort of your home.

#5. Download a casual dating or hook up app
With smartphones, it’s never been easier to connect with new people just with that tiny computer in your pocket. Yes, you might think that phone is only good for email, calls, and candy crush, but it’s an incredible tool. Many casual dating and hook-up apps have recently emerged, and everyday people like you and me see great results. We recommend checking out this hookup app if you’re using an Android-powered smartphone.