5 Tips for Casual Relationships

So, you're interested in casual relationships. Perhaps you just got out of a serious relationship or marriage, and you're not quite ready to dive into something serious. Or maybe you're just looking for more excitement in your sex life. Whatever your reason is for seeking a casual relationship, it's important to remember the following tips to ensure your casual relationship stays relaxed, carefree, and fun.

Tip 1: Be honest about your intentions.
It's important that you share with your partner or new acquaintance your honest intentions to keep the relationship casual for the time being. Nothing can ruin a casual relationship faster than one partner's expectations not being addressed. Be upfront with your intent to have fun and keep things casual - it will reward you in the long run.

Tip 2: Avoid spending the night.
Spending the night too frequently can give the wrong impression - and lead to one person in the casual relationship feeling that it's moving beyond casual. Remember a casual relationship doesn't necessarily mean it's moving towards something romantic. Spending the night means that the relationship is moving outside the safe and relaxed zone and transforming into something more, keep this in mind.

“A casual relationship doesn't necessarily mean it's moving towards something romantic.”

Tip 3: Always use protection.
Using some form of protection, general condoms, is an absolute must in a fuck buddy relationship. Since casual relationships are not built exclusively on trust, it's going to be difficult to demand exclusivity in a casual relationship. For that reason, using protection is an absolute must when dating casual such that you or your partner feel safe.

Tip 4: Keep your hygiene top notch.
Showing up after work, sweaty and tired, is a big no-no for casual relationships. Your partner is less likely to tolerate a lack of hygiene in a casual relationship, and of course for the first couple dates; you'd like to make a good impression. Make sure that you shower, groom, and brush your teeth before showing up for a casual rendezvous.

Tip 5: Keep jealousy and negative emotions in check.
The best way to keep jealousy, neediness, and negative emotions out of a casual relationship are to maintain confidence and eliminate insecurities. Since casual relationships are not exclusive, you may find your partner talking to men or women you feel are more handsome, wealthy, or sociable than yourself. It's important to remember that you are good enough, just by being yourself, and that outwardly indicating jealousy or negativity within the context of a casual relationship will end it faster than you think.

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