Dating Buddies - Is it casual or something more?

#1 | Do you say: "I love you" to each other?
The number one tell-tale sign that your casual relationship has turned into something more is the word’s “I love you.” It’s always a bit awkward for the first person who says it, as they have to wait for someone who says it as well or respond with the dreaded silence or subject change. It takes courage to tell someone that you love them, and it’s an instant sign that the relationship could be moving away from strictly casual into something much more serious.

Whether you mean it or not, telling someone that you love them takes things outside the casual zone. It can be freaky or exciting, depending on how you look at it. If someone tells you that they love you, well hey, by all means, you’ve probably been doing something right and should take it as a compliment. Saying those words for the first time to someone can make you feel vulnerable. But if it’s how you feel, it can be a significant step to move the relationship in a more long-term direction.

#2 | Do you text throughout the day?
Do you find you and your partner texting throughout the day about silly or serious topics alike? It may be a sign that you’re relationship is something more than just casual or no strings.

Daily texting is a sign of true compatibility. If you enjoy each other’s silly texts, minor updates, and life drama on a regular basis, chances are you, and your partner has personal chemistry.

"If you enjoy each other’s silly texts, minor updates, and life drama on a daily basis, chances are you, and your partner has personal chemistry. ”

#3 | Do you accidentally leave clothes behind at their house?
Sure, we all forget things, it’s part of being human. If you find you or your partner consistently leaving “select” items behind (the ring in the bathroom, the panties in the laundry pile, that Pima cotton v neck you certainly want back), that's a sign that your relationship will switch from casual to romantic.

Just like nothing is certain, clothes left behind is not a rule set in stone, nor a rule of thumb. But it certainly is an indicator of interest and intent to see each other again. Something to keep in mind while exploring the world of casual dating and friends with benefits.

#4 | Are you seeing each other more than once a week?
Frequency is a big indicator of interest. Fuck buddies will see each other no more than once a week. After the work week has ended, people want to blow off some steam, have wild sex with their fuck buddy and relieve the stress of modern life.

When you find you and your partner meeting more frequently than once a week, the chances are that you’re becoming close to each other and the relationship is coming out of the casual zone, and into something much more.

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